Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sacramento rehab centers help you get past the first stage of denial

Oh, denial! There is a huge reason that “denial” is the first stage of many recovery systems. It’s because it’s the easiest to reach for. It’s the “goto” we “goto” when we don’t realize that our self-awareness isn’t as self-aware as we thought. Something we’ve so desperately tried to hide and deny for years has finally spilled over into the road for all of our friends, families and strangers to see. And this all happens while we sit back and believe that it hasn’t. Earlier this year, comedy writer Amber Tozer wrote an article on about the 11 ways to Convince Yourself You is Not an Alcoholic. The article hilariously goes through the lies we tell ourselves in order to appease out conscience. Here’s a few she covered, contrasting the things we tell ourselves and the events that really take place.

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