Friday, February 12, 2016

Rehab in Sacramento Talks Michael Phelps After Recovery

It’s common to not realize you have an addiction. In fact, sometimes you think you might be having fun before all the mayhem begins. But at some point you will recognize that this addiction is not your friend and it is time to get in control of your life again. With training for the Summer Olympics at an all time high right now, Sacramento rehabilitation centers found that Olympic athlete Michael Phelps was recently in a similar situation that called for rehabilitation. It all happened after he was arrested for a DUI in 2014. His now explains that he was “in a really dark place.”

Filling the void with drinking

Mr. Phelps had won 22 medals, but it didn’t stop him from feeling the need to drink hard. When he was pulled over for driving while intoxicated, Phelps had a blood alcohol level of 0.14 – much higher than the legal level to drive. This wasn’t even his first time driving under the influence and thus he was given a six-month suspension.

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