Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rehab in Sacramento Explains Why We Do Drugs

From a young age, we’ve been told that that drugs are so bad that they should never be used. So why in the world are people finding it necessary to experience them? School districts, TV commercials, billboards, and other outlets of advertisement are trying to sway kids away from trying drugs like sprinkles on a sprinkled donut – by being everywhere. But still, more and more teens and adults need the help of drug rehab centers in Sacramento, CA because they are now addicted. So why do we do drugs when we know they are bad for us? Curiosity killed the cat Although the dangers of drugs are put out into the universe through multiple forms of advertisement – people still must try it themselves. This curiosity is hazardous. The media doesn’t necessarily help out either. There are many movies out there that glorify the use of drugs.

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