Thursday, February 4, 2016

Easy to Get Addicted to Heroin – Rehab in Sacramento Says

No one ever thinks they will get addicted to a heroin. No one plans on being dependent to something that will ruin his or her body from the inside out. But it happens – and Sacramento rehab centers want you to know that it’s easier than you would think. Many don’t believe they will get addicted to heroin, let alone battle with it the rest of their lives. But if you don’t believe us, believe those who struggle to stay clean from heroin everyday. A few people sent The Guardian comments about their personal addiction and how soon after trying heroin they became addicted now struggle daily to stay clean. “For the past 26 years I’ve thought of heroin every day. Every junky wants to be clean. Every using junky also wants more heroin. Call it a contradiction call it what you want. But no junky wants the life they have.” – James, 26 years clean.

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