Monday, April 11, 2016

Stay Sober After Breakup – Sacramento Recovery Center Encourages

Love is one of the best feelings in the world so it would only make sense that breaking up would be one of the worst. Just the words “break-up” is aggressive when you think about it. Going from such a happy place to such a bad place is painful, shocking, and can lead people to do crazy things. Someone who has recovered from an alcohol or drug addiction knows that being in pain can be doubly hard. Not only do they have to sulk a broken heart, they also need to stay strong and not be triggered into their addiction because of the pain. Sacramento recovery clinic, New Dawn Treatment Centers, understands that dealing with this is so immense, it wouldn’t be hard to relapse. But relapsing is not worth it because you worked hard for your sobriety. There are ways to stay strong during this difficult time.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sacramento Rehab Centers Wonders If Moderation Works

Drinking in moderation is important when it comes to consuming alcohol. But not everyone has the willpower to do it. When it comes to alcoholics, they have a harder time drawing a line between moderation and going overboard. But is it possible that drinking in moderation could be beneficial? Sacramento rehabilitation centers find that it really does depend on the individual and their diagnosis from a professional but there is a chance that moderation could win over abstinence. Moderate drinking is not for everyone Don’t let this be misinterpreted that everyone can be a moderate drinker. It highly depends on the severity of the drinking problem. There may be drinkers on the low end and drinkers on the high end of the spectrum. If you land on the high end than that could mean you are more alcohol dependent and cannot control the moderate drinking. With this in mind, drinkers on the low end could potentially benefit from moderate drinking as long as they can control their drinki

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sacramento Binge Eating Disorder Treatment on Misconstrued Words

The way Lindsey Hall, a survivor of eating disorders, put it, “Be careful what you say to someone. Be gentle. Eating disorders are quick to manifest and hard to unshackle.” This is some solid advice to take from someone who has experienced an eating disorder and also received treatment for it. Rehabilitation centers in Sacramento CA, New Dawn Treatment Centers, couldn’t agree more with Lindsey’s statement above. What she wants for people to do to others is clear – be gentle in what you say. We think that’s an easy thing to do, but sometimes words have a way of being twisted into something that they weren’t meant to say at all. One sentence that Hall struggled with immensely would usually start out with “I couldn’t tell.” Something like, “I couldn’t tell you gained weight,” may seem like a thoughtful sentiment at the time when in fact it’s hurtful. For one thing, focusing on weight isn’t the most beneficial thing to do – especially to someone suffering from an eating disorder.

Friday, April 8, 2016

You Can Ask For Help From Eating Disorder Clinic in Sacramento

To most people admitting defeat is viewed upon as a bad thing – but when it comes to your personal recovery with an eating disorder – admitting it is the best thing you could do. If you need an oil change, assistance from a doctor, a bad stain removed – you easily beg for help! So why is it so hard to say those three simple words that could get you the eating disorder treatment in Sacramento that you’ve needed so much? You would think it would be simple to say, but unfortunately it’s a complicated situation. When it comes to your eating disorder, letting go of your pride might as well be the hardest thing in the world – right next to your actual disorder.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pill problem Among Teens is real says Detox Centers in Sacramento

In this situation, sharing is not caring – and that’s what teens are doing. Teenagers are more common than not to share their medication with other friends. Published in the journal of Psychology of Addictive Behavior, the study showed 2,700 Middle and high schoolers in the Detroit area observed over a 3 years year period after being prescribed any one of the above medications. The results found that those who had been prescribed medication were 10 times more likely to try and obtain the medications illegally, experiment, and share with friends. Professor at the University of Michigan School of Nursing and lead author on the study, Carol J. Boyd, PhD stated, “These medications are highly efficacious. That said, what many parents don’t realize is their abuse potential.” What it comes down to is trying to find healthier ways for teens to battle insomnia or anxiety before it comes down to detox centers in Sacramento to help out.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rehab in Sacramento Finds New Shows Getting Into Addiction

It’s easy to say we are addicted to a Television series. We obsess about characters, religiously tune in the same time every week, spend time worrying about the story – but it’s obviously not a real addiction. A real addiction is controlling and unpleasant. Right now there are numerous shows out there that present drug and alcohol abuse, but do they show addiction in an honest way? New Dawn Treatment Centers rehab in Sacramento, found three new series that make a sincere focus on addiction. While it’s not a form of treatment, sometimes observing others go through the cycle of addiction can put it in perspective for us. It could even be a prompt for a conversation. And luckily with shows there is no actual messy consequence that addiction usually deals with. You can peacefully watch (or cry depending on how emotional it is).