Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sacramento Binge Eating Disorder Treatment on Misconstrued Words

The way Lindsey Hall, a survivor of eating disorders, put it, “Be careful what you say to someone. Be gentle. Eating disorders are quick to manifest and hard to unshackle.” This is some solid advice to take from someone who has experienced an eating disorder and also received treatment for it. Rehabilitation centers in Sacramento CA, New Dawn Treatment Centers, couldn’t agree more with Lindsey’s statement above. What she wants for people to do to others is clear – be gentle in what you say. We think that’s an easy thing to do, but sometimes words have a way of being twisted into something that they weren’t meant to say at all. One sentence that Hall struggled with immensely would usually start out with “I couldn’t tell.” Something like, “I couldn’t tell you gained weight,” may seem like a thoughtful sentiment at the time when in fact it’s hurtful. For one thing, focusing on weight isn’t the most beneficial thing to do – especially to someone suffering from an eating disorder.

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