Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rehab in Sacramento Finds New Shows Getting Into Addiction

It’s easy to say we are addicted to a Television series. We obsess about characters, religiously tune in the same time every week, spend time worrying about the story – but it’s obviously not a real addiction. A real addiction is controlling and unpleasant. Right now there are numerous shows out there that present drug and alcohol abuse, but do they show addiction in an honest way? New Dawn Treatment Centers rehab in Sacramento, found three new series that make a sincere focus on addiction. While it’s not a form of treatment, sometimes observing others go through the cycle of addiction can put it in perspective for us. It could even be a prompt for a conversation. And luckily with shows there is no actual messy consequence that addiction usually deals with. You can peacefully watch (or cry depending on how emotional it is).

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