Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sacramento Detox Centers on considering an intervention

"Most things are never how they seem on TV. With the past popularity of addict-based “intervention” programs, many of us may try and emulate some of the techniques we’ve viewed in these shows, never recognizing the fact that these productions a have full teams of editors, writers and more writers. Remember, reality TV, although not quite as scripted as a sitcom, is rarely a true, genuine glimpse of reality. The drama it creates may be real, but the need for a beginning, middle and end is it’s primary focus. To see a family’s loved one go from the streets to full recovery within a 30-minute span is dangerous, in that it gives us an unrealistic expectation of the whole picture. When jumping into the world of confronting a loved one’s addiction, it must be done with compassion, nuance and an incredible amount of preparation. It can’t be filled with overtly emotional displays or guilt-trip based motivations.

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