Monday, August 22, 2016

Distancing Yourself Is a Good Step Sacramento Detox Center Says

Just say, “no”

Becoming sober may be one of the biggest commitments you ever make to yourself. It is a promise to never become dependent on a substance ever again. But even if you’ve made a recovery at a Sacramento rehab, you will always need to be putting your sobriety first. So when questions start popping into your head about if you can drink in moderation – you need to be strong enough to say, “no.”

Accept what you cannot change

It may be a frustrating concept not allowing yourself to drink. You may feel that you have the willpower to drink slowly and even stop at 1 or 2 beverages – but what if you can’t stop yourself? Sometimes testing your limits is ok, but usually what it comes down to is that you have to play it safe if you ever want to live a life not controlled by addiction. You are just going to have to accept your limitations.

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