Sunday, August 21, 2016

Addiction Treatment in Sacramento Says Stay Strong in Recovery

If you’ve had addiction treatment in Sacramento and are now working to stay sober, you probably understand just how difficult that notion really is. You may have even thought that once you went through the initial rehab programs, you were going to just go back to how you were before the alcohol or drugs. Wrong. Addiction is an ongoing illness and it is something that you will need to manage forever. It may get easier over time but there will always be things you will have to watch out for that may trigger you. You never know when one will appear but you will need to be prepared when they pop up.

Moving from one addiction to another

While in recovery, it’s normal to feel safe and empowered – like you could do anything. But once you leave your addiction rehab in Sacramento, the vulnerability may creep back because you are no longer in a safe environment. You can do whatever you want and that can be unnerving.

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