Friday, February 24, 2017

Detox Program in Sacramento Lists 7 Facts About Addiction

At our detox program in Sacramento, we understand that addiction treatment is both an art and a science. Having a strong grounding in the facts related to addiction—both in terms of its causes and the most effective treatments for it—is helpful both for those who are battling a substance abuse problem and their friends and family.
Some of What We Know About Addiction
Here are seven things we know about what addiction is and how to recover from it:
Addiction is a disease.
Not a “weakness” or a “lack of will,” research continues to confirm that addiction is a chronic disease that affects the reward centers in the brain. As the disease progresses, it more deeply affects a person’s impulse control and judgment. Ultimately, the behaviors of someone with an addiction are manifestations of the disease. And while those behaviors are a problem, they are not the disease itself. Read more from this blog:

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