Saturday, January 28, 2017

Detox Center in Sacramento Lists the Benefits of Art Therapy

Art therapy is widely used as a supplement to traditional counseling. It involves the creation of works of art as a way to express thoughts and feelings that may be hard to verbalize for a person who is in counseling. A wide range of mediums including drawing, painting, and sculpting can be used. At our detox center in Sacramento, we know that art therapy can be a great way for people who are undergoing treatment to express themselves. It can also be helpful long after treatment has concluded.
Art therapy provides a number of benefits including:

An easy way to start communicating

For a person who has just started a detox program, speaking openly to counselors and staff can be difficult. They are strangers, initially, and it may be tough to talk with them about the emotional details of an addiction. Art provides a different form of language that may be easier to use in the beginning.

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