Monday, February 27, 2017

Sacramento Rehab Shares 5 Things that Increase Teen Drug Risk

While there is evidence that drug use among teens has decreased slightly in recent years, that good news is overshadowed by the fact that far too many teens still participate in regular drug use. We tell parents at our Sacramento rehab center that one of the keys to keeping their teen from getting involved in drug use is understanding what can increase the likelihood that they’ll experiment or become a regular user.
Here are some of the risk factors:
  • Drug-using friends. Who your kids hang out with has a major influence on their behavior. And while trying to choose your child’s friends for them is a no-win proposition, there are ways you can subtly influence their decisions such as making it easier to connect with peers who are not drug users. You can also, of course, set reasonable limits on where, when, and how your children spend time with their friends. Read more from this blog:

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