Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sacramento Rehab Center Lists 5 Reasons not to Fear Failing

People who are hesitant about committing to drug rehab have a number of reasons for not getting started. One of the biggest is the fear of failure. Often they believe they have “failed” at life by becoming an addict (not true, but that’s their perception) and don’t want to make that feeling even worse. At our Sacramento outpatient drug rehab center, we tell the people we work with that there are many reasons not to fear failing.

The Positive Side of Failure

You are not your failure

The people who care about you (family, friends, counselors) understand that who you are and what happened in any given attempt at kicking your addiction are two entirely different things. You are worthy of love and support no matter how your efforts turn out. In other words, failing does not make you a failure. It actually makes you a wiser person. Read more on this article:

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