Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sacramento Detox Center Discusses Older Recovery Addicts

When we think of someone who is battling drug or alcohol addiction, the image that comes to mind isn’t typically a senior citizen. But substance abuse problems are more common than you would think. And as our population continues to age, the incidence will certainly rise. At our Sacramento detox center, we point out that there are important differences to consider in the treatment of addiction in seniors as compared to younger people. They include:

Difficult to detect

One of the challenges in treating a drug or alcohol problem in a senior is that it can be hard to detect and therefore friends and family may not be a positive influence toward getting help. The issue is that illnesses and conditions that are more common in the elderly population (diabetes, depression, dementia, etc.) have many symptoms that are similar to those seen with substance abuse. Read more on this article:

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